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about us

about Nadrah

At Nadrah Accessories, our story is one rooted in a deep passion for serving the vibrant Muslim community of Texas. We embarked on this journey with a clear vision: to offer a carefully curated array of modest attire and accessories that not only honor Islamic values but also embrace the latest trends in fashion. From the outset, our commitment has been twofold: to provide a diverse selection of garments that embody elegance and modesty, and to create an unparalleled shopping experience that seamlessly blends traditional values with contemporary style.

As a family-owned business deeply rooted in the heart of Texas, we cherish the opportunity to foster a warm and inclusive atmosphere where individuals from all walks of life can discover clothing and accessories that align with their personal beliefs and style preferences. Whether you’re in search of the perfect hijab to complement your ensemble or a standout accessory to elevate your look, Nadrah Accessories is here to accompany you on your journey towards modesty and self-expression. We invite you to join us in celebrating the timeless beauty of modest fashion and experience the elegance that awaits at Nadrah Accessories.


founded in 2020

In the year 2020, Nadrah Accessories was born from a collective desire to provide the Muslim community in Texas with a haven for modest fashion. Founded by a dedicated team driven by their love for culture and faith, our journey began with a mission to redefine modesty with contemporary flair.
Through meticulous curation and unwavering dedication to quality, Nadrah quickly gained recognition as a trusted name in modest fashion. From humble beginnings, our brand has grown, guided by a commitment to authenticity and inclusivity. As we continue to evolve, we remain steadfast in our goal to empower individuals to embrace modesty with confidence and grace, inspiring others to celebrate their unique style journey with us.

“Quality is the essence of modesty, where elegance meets integrity.”

tawa adenike

Founder Nadrah


Our dedication to quality is unwavering. Each piece in our collection undergoes a meticulous selection process, guided by our discerning eye for both craftsmanship and design. We handpick garments that not only meet our stringent standards but also resonate with the unique preferences of our customers. This commitment to excellence ensures that every item you find at Nadrah Accessories reflects our unwavering dedication to providing nothing less than the best.


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